My Arrival!

My Arrival!

Welcome to the beautiful and humid Vietnam! Here, honking is the norm and the city (Ho Chi Minh City) is always moving! Family businesses and motorcycles flood the streets as we try to move across the city. If you’ve ever been here, you might know that to cross the street, you just have to wish for the best and cross (which is pretty cool because the motorcyclists naturally avoid you). Since, tonight, I will not get any sleep due to jetlag, I will write my speech that I will present to an audience tomorrow. In the morning, my rehearsal begins, so I will perfect my speech at night. Hopefully, I will reach out to the audience and motivate them to help in anyway they can in an effort to demolish human trafficking!


One thought on “My Arrival!

  1. Hi Catherine! I am glad you made it to Vietnam, safe and sound….although the street crossing does sound a bit perilous! I look forward to reading about and seeing photos of your wonderful trip! Mrs. A

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