Stories of a Girl

Stories of a Girl helped raise awareness of human trafficking occurring in various countires in Asia.  They believe, through the power of art, that girls should be able to express themselves, and that self-expression will surely lead to self-determination.  Women have many responsibilities and they must carry out those responsibilities.  Last night, Stories of a Girl made an effort to help the girls and teach them visual and theatrical art in order for them to have something productive and creative to do!  At this event, which took an enduring two moths to plan, I gave away my book, Dancing between the Wind, and a few of my postcards, in exchange for a small donation. Also, I spoke about what I believe in because I learned that people want to hear about the younger generation and they want to know that there are other people, in other countries besides Vietnam, that care about this cause and make an effort to do something about it.  Being the only one that spoke English there, a translator stood beside me, so the audience can understand what I was saying.  Overall, the event was very successful and hopefully those girls will be able to live a brighter future!

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One thought on “Stories of a Girl

  1. Catherine,
    You look so lovely and composed! What a wonderful evening this must have been for you! Mrs. Alvarez

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