Resilience + Art Therapy

People face traumas and crises every day, but it builds their resilience.

To reduce stress in Ferguson, professionals needed to find a way to creatively have those who were affected express those feelings.  The community stopped by and told their story through a sandbox and figures to convey their feelings about the event.  One looked like this:


Interesting, huh?  What I believe is that once your inner creative side is released, you feel better mentally and, sometimes, even physically.  The power of art is used in therapy as an alternative and cheap way to pass the time and heal the soul.  It’s fun and it’s proven to work!  Just check out some articles I found while researching about the topic:

Although art will not cure a disease, or prevent what happened at Ferguson, but it is “a strategic effort to support and instill resilience, a requisite to any successful reparation and recovery process.” It’s like going to a therapist: you get to tell your story (through art) and you can receive feedback (as others can look art and comment on).  Art helps accelerate post-traumatic growth and eventually builds your resilience.

More trauma (informed practice)-art therapy:

Link for the article:

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