About the Artist


On the surface, I’m your average teenager who collects stamps and does my homework at Starbucks. Secretly, though, I am a poet-artist who hopes to help kids, and adults, realize their full potential.

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My children’s book, which I penned and illustrated, Dancing between the Wind is a poetic children’s story that celebrates family and our relationship with nature through the seasons of life. It is intended for children; yet it is a book adults will find relevant as well. The ending contains a visual twist intended to boost one’s self esteem.

Writing and illustrating my own book changed my life, and I think this is something everyone can do. Everyone has a talent, for even Picasso said, “All children are artists. It is our challenge as we grow up to remain so.” I realized that kids are not too young to make a difference and with their talents, they can create something that can change the world as well as boost their self esteem.


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