New shopping cart + new website!

There’s a new design for the website! It’s super cool! http://beeanartist.weebly.com/

There’s also a new shopping cart/store! Buy your copy of Dancing between the Wind today!  http://beeanartist.bigcartel.com/

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Calling all WordPress Experts!


I am having a very difficult time trying to add a shopping cart to my website.  I was wondering if there was anyone out there or if you know anyone that can assist me in adding one to my *new* website ahopeandart.com.  I need all the help I can get and I can pay you hourly if you would like! Please help me on my mission to create a shopping cart!  It’s been 4 weeks and counting since I have tried to successfully put one on my website and I fail utterly. 😦


In the Riviera Magazine!!


In January 2013, I hosted a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and in the June 2013 edition of Riviera Magazine, I was featured in one of the pages!! This is super awesome and I hope you find my page if you ever look through the June edition!  Oh and to add to the excitment, my mother is in one of the pictures!  Way to go Michelle!!


An Accomplishment

Finally! A shopping cart has been added!  If you visit beeanartist.com/store, you can purchase my lovely book, Dancing between the Wind, along with prints and greeting cards.  I hope you share this with all of your friends and your friends’ friends and so on.  🙂