New shopping cart + new website!

There’s a new design for the website! It’s super cool! http://beeanartist.weebly.com/

There’s also a new shopping cart/store! Buy your copy of Dancing between the Wind today!  http://beeanartist.bigcartel.com/

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Drawing (Vietnam)

Drawing (Vietnam)

Here is a charcoal drawing of a girl I recently met in Vietnam! She was part of the orphanage that I handed out my children’s book, Dancing between the Wind, and I was inspired by the picture, enough to draw her! I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous Sunday afternoon/night!


Planning (VIETNAM!)


I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

I’m planning to take my children’s book (Dancing between the Wind, a children’s book that helps children improve their self-esteem) and translate it to Vietnamese!

During the last week of May, I am going to Vietnam to help raise awareness for human trafficking as I sell my prints and book.  Also, I plan to take my translated books and distribute them to human-trafficking homes, so I can teach them English, a useful skill since a large sum of people of the world speak English.  Also, I want to raise funds in the effort to prevent the spread of human-trafficking.

Stay posted about my Vietnam trip! I’m so excited!